Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Grocery Savings Tips #4 - #7

*I haven't posted these tips in a few days, because these 4 all link together. They don't really work the best, unless you do all of them together!

Tip #4 -  Look at the Sales Flyer

The sales flyer are an easy way to ensure that you are saving the most money! Before you shop look through the ads. Make a quick list for each store of all the sales that you are interested in buying. Then compare the lists.
You may decide to make 2 small trips to different stores or that you will purchase everything from one store. Either way, you can ensure that your bill will be lower just by simply shopping the sales.

Tip #5 - Meal Plan

This step can sound like just something for super organizing junkies. But I promise you this will be your best friend if you just give it a try. I have a lot to say about this, because I believe in it so much... But I'll try to keep it simple.

Just the other week I was in the store and I heard a mom say to her two kids, "What should we eat for dinner this week?" They started naming a few things & she started grabbing things off the shelves. Two things I can guarantee: She wasn't buying sale items & she forgot something which caused her to run back to the store later that week. 

Here's the thing... You're going to be eating 3 meals + snacks every week. This way you can make sure that you have everything you need for these meals AND when combined with looking at the sales flyers you can make sure you are planning the most inexpensive meals for your week. Read more HERE!

Tip #6 - Stock Up

Just read this tip through and try to avoid thinking that this is just for crazy couponers... When things you regularly use go on sale, you need to buy a lot! Buy as much as you can while still staying within your budget! That may mean enough for 2 weeks or a month or a few months!

Why??? Because if you're going to buy those things, why not buy them on sale and save money???

Example: Peanut Butter regularly costs about $3.50 I try to only buy it when it goes on sale for $2.00 We use about one every 2 weeks. This is a savings of $40/year. This might not sound like a lot, but when combined with other things that I only buy & stock up when on sale, it literally saves me thousands!

It is easy to find sales items to stockpile, by looking through your sales flyer.

This is another topic that I have a lot to say about. There are sooo many more reasons to do this than just the savings. Read more about it HERE!

Tip #7 - Know Your Prices

Now ALL of those steps are completely useless if you don't know your prices. How can you know if something is on sale if you don't know the regular retail price?

*News Flash* Just because it has a sign or is on an a special shelf doesn't mean it's on sale!!!

This is easy, but start small. When you go to the store just jot down the prices of a few of the things you regularly buy, like peanut butter, bread, sugar, flour, cereal, paper products, etc. (Add a few more things each week) Then make a note of the lowest price you find them on sale. This way you can know when something is really on sale and if you should buy it.

Knowing your prices ensures:
  • That you know that the items in the sales flyer are really sales
  • That you are meal planning with sales items
  • That you are stocking up at rock bottom prices

**All these things are extremely important in cutting your grocery budget! It's hard for people to believe that I feed my family of 6 on $200 a month! That's why I started posting my shopping trips as proof. But I promise I'm not withholding a secret... I just practice these tips religiously!


  1. I wish I could feed my family of 6 on $200 a month! I spend about 4x that, but it does include toilet paper, dog food, etc.. I finally started using coupons about a month or so ago, and I am noticing savings! little by little, I am cutting that %800 a month down!! thanks so much for the great tips!

  2. TShanken - That budget actually includes all my grocery items like paper products, dog food, cleaning products, etc. I know it may sound extreme, but I promise you I am in no way an "Extreme Couponer"! Lol

    It just takes time to get all these "tips" to work together! I have that you can do it! I'd love to know your budget in a few months and know how much it's lowered!