Monday, February 13, 2012

My Meal Plan 02/13 - 02/19

So last weeks meal plan was a complete disaster. I'm not really sure why. I felt like I kept forgetting about dinner every day, until it was time to eat! Lol There were also a few things in our schedule that I had forgotten about. 

Whatever. You win some. You lose some. But this week, I'm back at it and determined to make it happen. A few of our meals are 'repeats' from last week, because we didn't eat them.

I plan on cooking a few things this week for the freezer and fridge for the week. I will be making banana muffins, waffles for the freezer, hard-boiled eggs, tortillas to eat and for the freezer, and maybe some other random things.

Here are the details:

Waffles, Banana Muffins, Cereal, Toast, Oatmeal

Lunchmeat Sandwiches, PB&J, Leftovers, Grilled Cheese

Fruit, Carrots w/ Dip, Chips, Peanuts, Hard-boiled Eggs, Yogurt


Monday - Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup  Game @

*~* Valentines Day *~* Tuesday - Crispy Cheddar Chicken w/ Salad  Practice @5pm

Wednesday - Ham w/ Corn, Mashed Potatoes & Homemade Rolls Church @6:30pm

Thursday - Hamburger Helper w/ Frozen Veggies Practice @6pm/Game @

Friday - Dinner at Friends House

Saturday - Chicken Enchiladas w/ Brown Rice & Refried Beans

Sunday - Leftovers

What's on your meal plan this week? Check out HERE what were planning for our Valentines Day festivities!

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  1. I love grilled cheese and tomato soup!Stopping by to say hi! Found your link up on MPM!
    Cindy :)