Monday, March 19, 2012

Meal Plan 03/19 - 03/25

This week's meal planning was simple. I have planned a month of meals. While it did take a little bit longer to compile at one time, it has saved me a lot of time since. It is also saving me money! I'll be talking in more detail on Wednesday! Also, check out my monthly shopping trip last week. This is going to help save so much time with not having to shop more, except for to buy produce and maybe some rock bottom sale items.

Last weeks meal plan was finally a success! Although we didn't have 2 of the meals, we still ate at home every night! Even despite our crazy busy schedules and sickness.
Our entire family went through a stomach bug within about 36 hours. It started Saturday evening with our daughter Hannah and quickly spread to the 2 oldest within a few hours. It was a long night of washing sheets, rubbing backs, cleaning up throw up buckets and pouring gatorade. By the morning my husband and I were feeling sick, too. Taking care of your kids, while being sick yourself is very difficult! By yesterday evening we all seemed to be on the mend. And then my husband and youngest started AND the girls got sick again. It was another long night. My husband and I slept on the couch with our youngest, Isaac. It made him feel a little better having a "sleepover" with Mommy and Daddy!

Waking up this morning we all mostly seem to feel back to normal. Except for my husband and I feel like were 90 years old from sleeping on the couch! :) Thankfully, this was a very quick sickness! Kinda glad that we all went through it at the same time, so we could get it done and over with. Also, this is the first we've been sick this whole winter, despite a few head colds.

Today the kids are staying home just to be sure they are completely well. Kinda stinks, because they have their testing this week. But what can ya do? The plan for today is to clean up our disaster of a house!

Any tips for quick clean up???

Here's the details:

Cereal, Toast, Eggs
Ham or Turkey Sandwich,  PB&J, Leftovers
Hard-boiled eggs, gummies, tangerines, apples


Monday - Alfredo w/ Salad
*Luckily, I had already cut & cooked the chicken and put it in the freezer. This will be a simple meal.

Tuesday - Enchilada Rice 
2  Prac @5pm
*An easy one pot meal for a busy night.

Wednesday - Tortellini Marinara w/ Homemade Bread  
Prac @5:30 - 6:30 AND Church @ 6pm
*This meal is more of heating, than cooking = Easy!

Thursday - Crock pot BBQ Pork Chops w/ Applesauce 
2 Prac @ 5pm & 6pm
*Crock pot meals are great for nights when you'll be home & eating late. This way you can sit and eat right when you come in the door.

Friday - Homemade Pizza

Saturday - White Chicken Enchiladas w/ Homemade Tortillas, Brown Rice & corn 
Prac @10:30 & 2pm

Sunday - Leftovers


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  1. That sounds yummy! The menu I mean!

    Don't forget to wash your toothbrushes! We often do that and then reinfect ourselves.