Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Farm Fresh Trip 03/08

Total Sale Amount = $35.22
Total Amount Paid = $27.22
Gas Rewards $0.03/gal.

 **Don't mind the pic... Technical difficulties.

Another day of great weather and great shopping! I went to my Moms playgroup again this morning and decided to run by the store on my way home. (Just like last week.) I wanted to go yesterday, but it was just "one of those days" and me going to the store would have turned into a meltdown for everyone involved. So, I did miss out on some of the items that were made cheap with double $1.00 coupons, but let's face it... I'll over pay a few dollars in order to keep my sanity!

I had a few great finds on meat again! I know that some stores have a specific day of the week that they mark down the majority of their meats and I'm thinkin it may be Thursday for them. I found a pork butt and 93% ground beef! Even though I don't "need" this meat, I want to make sure I'm stocked up at a low price so that I won't be forced to buy it at full price. I also bought lots of cheap apples. These are great for snacks and homemade crock pot applesauce.

Here's the details:

Coke 2L $1.25

Asparagus $1.49/lb. = $1.57

Milk Gallon $3.69

Jenni-O Deli Turkey $6.49/lb. = $6.36

Reduced Priced Apples 8.09 lbs. = $6.05 
= $0.75/lb.

93% Ground Beef 2.79 lbs. = $8.34
 - $4.00 sticker coupon 
= $4.34 or $1.55/lb.

Picnic Pork Butt Half 3.85 lb.s = $7.30
 - $4.00 sticker coupon 
= $3.30 or $0.88/lb.

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