Friday, April 27, 2012

Harris Teeter Trip 04/26

Total Sale Amount = $74.69
 Total Amount Paid = $63.89
Total Saved w/ coupons = $11.40

This Harris Teeter Trip finished up my Monthly Meal Shopping! I've got all the items needed for my Monthly Meal plan! Now I'll only need to return for produce, dairy & bread. 

This should hopefully help you understand a little bit more about how I do my Monthly Shopping! This does not have to be a strenuous ordeal! You can make it what you want! I've done this 2 ways! 
  1. Make a list and buy everything at one time!
  2. Make a list of everything needed and buy it as you see it when it's on sale.

This trip was done a little bit differently than normal, a little more scattered, because last week was an extra special coupon event at both Harris Teeter and Farm Fresh! So this week I finished it all up!

I can't tell you how happy I am to know that I am finished with my shopping! Now I can avoid the stores and even send my husband in for an easy milk or bread trip. While he normally strays from the list and the budget, he always brings me home something special! ;)

The best deals I found were the Ragu sauce and the cheese! Each were Buy 2 Get 3 FREE! The Ragu was twice the size of the regular jars, but only a quarter of the price more! And the Cheese ends up to be only $1.11 each! Definitely a good stock up price!

I also decreased my total by using my Recycle Bank coupon for $10 off $50 purchase (after coupons)! This is such an easy way to save some extra money! Sign up HERE!

Here's the details:

Mahatma Brown Rice $2.69

(5) Ragu Sauce 45 oz. Buy 2 Get 3 FREE = $1.56 ea.

HT Old Fashioned Oats $2.57
*This will be used to make more Homemade Granola!

(2) Honey $2.50 ea.

HT Jelly $1.95

HT Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast BOGO $2.49/lb. = $10.38
*Not a great price, but we need it!

2 lbs. Turkey Breast Lunchmeat $5.99/lb. = $13.91

"Old" Pepper $0.79

(2) Blueberries $1.99 ea.
*Going to use these to make smoothies!

Onion $0.79/lb. = $0.38

Hoagie Rolls $3.79
*My hubby made Italian Sausage Subs tonight with the Dominic's Sausage I bought at FF earlier! Made for a cheap meal that I didn't have to make!

(2) Frozen Cheese Ravioli BOGO $1.49 ea.

Land O Lakes Spreadable Butter $2.27 
 - $0.40 coupon = $1.47

(10) Shredded Cheeses Buy 2 Get 3 FREE = $1.11 ea.

Refrigerated Cookie Doug $2.97

HT Plain Yogurt $0.50
**This is to make homemade yogurt!

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