Monday, April 16, 2012

My Meal Plan 04/16 - 04/22

Well, we're back to another normal Monday morning... Cartoons, blogging, school work & hot tea! We survived Spring Break! 

We had a great week... Some relaxing, some fun and some things accomplished! I did get quite a few things crossed off my Spring Break To Do List! And my Spring Break Meal Plan wasn't too much of a disaster. While we didn't stick to the plan entirely, we did eat at home when planned.

Except for one night, we ended up only having 2 kids & took advantage by eating at The Broken Egg for Kids-Eat-Free-Night! It was so nice to sit and actually talk with our kids. And no one looked at us like the crazy family with a million kids!

This week we're going to be super busy with Baseball and Softball back in full swing. Tonight is our only night home. Hopefully we can enjoy the time at home and get the house in order for the week.

I'm working off of what we have in stock for meals. I'll be doing my Monthly Shopping Trip this Saturday!

Here's the details:

Bagels, Toast, Cream of Wheat

PB&J, Grilled Cheese, Leftovers, Lunchmeat Sandwiches

Grapes, Apples, Cookies, Popsicles, Hard-boiled eggs


Monday - Hotdogs on the grill w/ vegetable

Tuesday - Chicken Alfredo w/ Bread
Softball Practice @ 5pm

Wednesday - Enchilada Rice w/ Corn
Softball Game @ 6pm

Thursday - Eat at the field
Baseball Game & Practice @ 5:30pm

Friday - Friends house

Softball & Baseball Game @9am & 10:30am

Sunday - On Your Own

What's on your Menu this week???
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