Friday, April 13, 2012

Once A Month Shopping

This has by far been the greatest change I have made with my shopping! It is truly a time AND money saver!!! I encourage you to try.

I know it can sound a little overwhelming and maybe even crazy! But let me start by easing your mind a little bit....
  • I don't go over budget, in fact I save money!
  • I do shop more than once a month, but they are short little trips.
  • We still eat healthy!
  • I spend waaay less time at the store!
  • It actually alleviates some of the coupon clipping! :)

Here's my process:
  1. I start with my Monthly Meal Planning.
  2. I write a list of all the meals planned. Every ingredient. Make sure to check the recipes.
  3. I cross off the items I already have... Make sure you actually see that item in your pantry. Somebody may have used it without your knowledge. 
  4. Look over the sales ads... What store has the most items you need on sale? What store has other items at rock bottom price that you could stock up on? You can chose to shop at multiple stores. Normally I'll do the bulk of my trip at one store & maybe run in for a few items at an additional store for really cheap items I can't pass up.
  5. Do all your shopping in one day, even if you chose to shop at multiple stores! I know that this can sound like a lot, but let me explain why... If you wait, most likely you will lack something for a meal, which would throw off your meal plan, you may spontaneously decide to go out to eat, the sales may change before you make it, etc. 
  6. While you shop, keep your eyes open for stock up priced items.
  7. Through out the week keep a handy list for items you need to run to the store for... For us this is milk, bread, produce and sometimes snacks depending on the sales when I shopped. Before I run out for this small trip I check the sales for any stock up items.

Easy enough right???

How do you save money and time with this? When shopping for everything at one time, you are lessening your overall time at the store throughout the month. We only have to run to grab perishable items for our meals or whatever we've run out of, like milk.

I'll admit, I thought this would cause me to spend more money, but I was wrong. Because I'm only buying the items that I need. It is proven that the less time you spend in the store, the less money you will spend!

A few tips... Make sure you don't buy too many perishable items that will be bad before used. Make sure to freeze meat that won't be used til later in the month.

*Do you think you could make this work for your family???

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  1. I need to do this, but it would be hard for us. I'm not good at organizing something this big!

  2. I would prefer to do this but lack the storage room!

  3. I have been trying once a month shopping for this month. I only decided to do it part way through though, and I didn't plan out all the meals ahead of time. I plan on doing once a month shopping "for real" next month. Thanks for breaking it down!!

    I love your website. I'm your newest subscriber!

  4. Michelle P - You could sooo do this! This way you have only have to be organized for one trip instead of weekly ones! :)

    knblondie - I don't have much either, but I find really the only thing that takes up room is the meat. I did buy a deep freezer last year at a great price! Be creative... Use the top of a hall closet or laundry closet or garage shelf?

    Betsy - Let me know how next month goes!

  5. You have a very good point about someone eating it and then you don't have it for your meal so you eat out. Also good point to check the pantry, because sometimes I've gone shopping and thought I was out of something so I bought several, and then suddenly I have too many. Or, thinking I had it and I didn't so now I can't make what I'd planned for dinner. Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

  6. I am slowly getting there. Building up the budget to do some serious bulk shopping takes a bit, but I cannot cook or shop without a meal plan anymore!
    This is a great post. It would be awesome for a new blog party I am starting this Monday at Simply Made Home called “Make Your Move Monday.” I would love to see posts like this from you that would encourage others to live both naturally and simply.

    Tara @

  7. I'm about to have baby #2 in @ 7 weeks so I want to get some meals planned and in the freezer for when he comes along to help me out in the transition. Thanks for all of the info. I'm totally inspired!!!

  8. Amy - I have now decided if we ever have anymore babies I will stock up my freezer. Meals are so important postpartum, but sooo difficult to get on the table.