Friday, May 4, 2012

A Slight Problem...

So this is my family! Aren't they a good looking bunch???

As you can probably tell they are each full of personality! Completely unique!

Dilon is the "mature" one, but laughs at everything! (I don't know where she gets it from!?)
Gregory is the "quiet" and goofy one! (I guess compared to his sisters anything is quiet.)
Hannah is the wild and strong-willed one! (Definitely like her father!)
Isaac is clever and full of energy!

I am very thankful for all the fun that they bring to our family... The problem???

Lately, whenever they are misbehaving and I am trying to reprimand them... 
I laugh!!!

I don't know what my problem!?! It keeps happening. Like multiple times a day! Even when I am legitimately mad about something!!!

Normally, I can keep it together and laugh in private when the situation is over, but lately I cannot control myself! 

We will be in a full out heated moment of discipline and all of the sudden I start smiling! It's so frustrating!!! And quite confusing to my kids, I might add! They either get mad at me for "laughing at them" or they think that I'm not serious!

I try to say through my giggles, "Just because I'm laughing doesn't mean I'm not serious!" Try explaining that to a 4-year-old!!!

I'm pretty sure I'm losing my 'hard-core parent' persona! That's all I've got, considering my size is not quite intimidating!

Part of it is that my kids are quite witty! Especially my almost 8 year old Hannah Grace! I find that I get sucked into these arguments, explaining why she is in trouble, even though she knows full and well what is the problem! By the end of it, I realize how ridiculous the whole conversation was... Cue the laughter! This scenario happens often. Normally my husband has to step in! I feel more like I'm fighting with my little sister than my daughter!

It is also common when I am just over everything... Ya know those moments when your kids and other things, but mostly kids, have just worn you down so much that you don't even care anymore?!

A perfect example of this would be last night.

Let me set the stage: 
 - First, my husband is out of town on business. This is the 1st reason for my stress level being a bit high.
 - Then my oldest son, Bob had waited until the last minute to finish his History project! Of course, this required about a bazillion photos!
 - Bob had practice from 6-8:30pm, which left ME at home to get all the photos! Again, high stress!
 - I had having difficulty getting all the photos uploaded from my computer.
 - So, after I picked him up from practice, we all went to Walgreens.
 - I had to upload more photos from my camera. This would normally only take about 5 minutes, but I had about 600 photos on my camera and of course, everyone wanted to see how they looked in every photo and have a reminiscent moment of the past events! I was NOT in the mood!
 - Once everything was finally uploaded we had to wait for them to be printed! Please tell me why every time I get photos printed "the machine crashes"??? Ugh! 
 - So they asked, "Would you mind waiting for about 10 minutes?" I responded with, "Of course. Not a problem." What I should have said is, "I'll wait at your own risk... My kids will most likely scare out all of your customers while we're here!" Poor guy was a teenager, he didn't know what he was asking of me!

So, 10 minutes to 'window shop' with 4 kids at 9:30 at night... You do the math!  

We were all delirious! I felt crazy from telling my kids about 1000000000 times to "stop touching stuff" and "quit yelling"!

At one point, I must've told my girls about 10 times to stop dancing & cheering in the toilet paper aisle! I then look over at my 11-year-old Dilon, backing it up on a stranger!!! This poor girl was just trying to get around her down the aisle, but couldn't because Dilon is doing the booty pop! 

I lost it! I couldn't even reprimand her, because I was laughing so hard... We all were! Well, minus the inconvenienced lady! Needless to say she was embarrassed and that seemed like enough punishment in and of itself!

From that moment on I couldn't even hold it together! It was all down hill from there! I'm pretty sure that in that moment, the phrase "Kids bouncing off the walls" was literally coming to fruition at this point!

By the time I left there I knew that whole store was thinking, "That terrible young mother. She just doesn't even care how their acting." But the truth is I DO!!! I just can't keep a straight face while doing so!

**I don't know what to do about this... Any advice? Has this happened to you??? Just lie to me, if it hasn't. I'm okay with that. What are your thoughts?

P.S. Walgreens called me right after I had left, to inform me that they forgotten to give me some of my pictures. They were still left on the machine. Pretty sure this is proof of the effort they were making to rush me out of the store! Just sayin...

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  1. Great post! I am new to your blog!

  2. Ashley - Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Yes, I've had this happen, too, just like you. but it does pass LOL mostly!! I'm a stay at home mom of 4 also, but mine range in age from almost 19 to 7, when they were younger is when most of this delerious laughter happened LOL so it will get better, and yes it does still happen some times and it drives us all crazy cause noone wants to get into more trouble!! just hang in there!!!! it could be worse!!!

  4. lol...okay, I was kind of snickering while reading this. Why? Because the scenario is so vivid in my imagination (ahem...memory). Yes, been there, done that. ALthough I have to say it's usually the hubby who laughs and then I do. lol.

  5. Love it when we see the real "mom" on blogs.
    Keep up the God work.
    I have to hide my smiles often, but as my kids have gotten older the severity of their misdeeds has heightened so the smiles (chuckles, snorts, and giggles over "bad" behavior are less) although they still create instances of the "you've got to be kidding me" smiles!
    Kids are a delight
    Keep up the God work.

  6. Thank you all for the encouragement! I'm glad I'm not the only one! And I'm glad I could help bring a smile to you, too.