Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Farm Fresh Trip 06/06

Total Sale Value = $8.55
- $5.58 coupons
PAID = $2.55

This trip may not look like anything special... But there are a few things to remember:
  1. I already did all my main shopping for the entire month.
  2. I went for more than just BBQ sauce, but they were out. I didn't get there until about 9pm, so I got some rainchecks.
  3. We go through an insane amount of bbq sauce, especially in the summer.
  4. With sales and coupons, I saved $9.59! 
  5. Because I was able to use the CAT on a Wed. it doubled!!
  6. Considering that a gallon of milk is about $4.00, paying $3.55 and getting 5 bottles of bbq sauce is a great deal!
  7. During the summer is the best time to stock up on cheap and free condiments! I don't know about you, but that alone can save our family a lot of money!
Here's the details:

Transaction #1
(3) KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce $1.00 ea.
 - $1.00/2 coupon = 3/$1.00 + $0.05 tax
 +$1.00 CAT wyb 3

Transaction #2

(2) Kraft BBQ Sauce BOGO $0.79 ea.
 - $1.00/2 coupon = FREE

Milk Gallon $3.39
- $1.00 CAT from 1st transaction (Doubled)

= $1.50

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