Monday, June 25, 2012

Meal Plan 06/25 - 07/01

This week was another successful summer week. Lots of relaxing, playing outside, sleeping late (my kids are getting better at this) and spending time with family and friends.

This past week I spent a day or two in the kitchen... I made Banana Muffins and Bread, Granola Bars, and Granola. This week my goal is to make some tortillas to eat and for the freezer, Crock Pot Chicken and Homemade PopTarts!

I've talked before that I'm not at the point right now where I want to spend a few days in the kitchen cooking for the month. I think it would be beneficial, but I just don't have the patience for it right now. So, this is how I make it work for me... I do a little bit here are there.

I went shopping during Harris Teeter Super Doubles. I did get a few things for free and really cheap! I paid $42.11 for all of this, plus 4 big things of blueberries ($0.99 ea.) and 2 fresh pastas. I got free butter, hot sauce and barbeque sauces. I got cheap pasta, toilet paper, crackers, eggs, milk and Propel. I felt it was a success!

And I lowered my Harris Teeter total by $5.00 by using my Register Rewards from Walgreens last week when I bought the FREE toothpaste. 
It was $3.00 ea. - $1.00/2 + $2.50 RR = 2 for FREE

We had a lot of fun things this week that I will post about tomorrow.

Here's the details of our meal plan:
(Lots of chicken this week!)

Homemade Granola w/ Blueberries, Bagels, Toast, Eggs, Homemade PopTarts

Hotdogs, Turkey Sandwiches, PB&J, Leftovers

Blueberries, Apples, Chips, Crackers, Cookies


Monday - Double Date

Tuesday - Buffalo Ranch Chicken Tacos

Wednesday - Pesto Chicken

Thursday - Crock Pot Terriyaki Chicken

Friday - Marriage Seminar at our Church

Saturday - Cheese Ravioli Pasta w/ Homemade Bread

Sunday - Leftovers


  1. Blueberries for .99 is a huge savings. Well done. Visiting from Yvonne's.

    1. I know, right?!?! I was thrilled! I NEVER find berries on the "old fruit" cart! And they will freeze great! Thanks for stopping by! :)