Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Week #1 of Summer

So far Summer is starting off well! Trying to stay busy, but not set the bar too high! Lol I know I'm not the only one with that thought process. I want my kids to learn to be content without being entertained!

Here's some of the fun we had this week....

Monday - We spent the whole day at the beach with my Mom and then she took the kids for the evening! Greg and I had a date night and then home for school work! :)

Tuesday - We spent the day at home. The weather was cool, so the kids got to play outside. We went to Hannah's closing ceremonies for softball and she got another trophy, because her team had the best record in her division! We ended the night at my Mom's celebrating my Grandads b-day with angel food cake & strawberries! Yum!

 Wednesday - My husband left to go out of town for work. I had my sister spend the night on Tuesday so she could help me with the kids... I had made a doctor and dentist apt. This was Hannah's 2nd attempt to get her cavity filled. She succeeded with the help of Benadryl and an Ipod!

For being so brave I took her to Starbucks for a treat! She had a fun time trying to suck from a straw with a numb mouth! :)

Thursday - Another relaxing day... We had another dentist appointment. And we painted nails and kids played outside with friends.

Friday - Was quite the crazy day! Of course the kids slept in... And I had forgotten about the camera crew from CBN that was coming to my house for taping! That was great fun! So I'll be on national television without a shower! 
I also had to run to the grocery store and take a kid to a doctor appointment. See some trip details HERE.

 Kids also made a bazillion paper airplanes and had a contest of whose would go the farthest!

Saturday - We spent 9 hours out at the ball field watching Bob play! Thankfully the weather was beautiful! 

The kids had fun entertaining themselves!

Sunday - Father's Day!!! I served my Hubby breakfast in bed. He swears his eyes were opened! :)

I made him a super lunch with all my cheap Harris Teeter findings! He thought he was in heaven! 

The kids were thrilled to give Daddy their present that we had been working on all week while he was gone! He love it, of course! Thank you Pinterest!


We went to dinner at his parents house! And then my parents came by with brownie sundaes and to watch a few episodes of "Call of the Wildman" show! If you haven't seen it, you're missing out!

All in all it was a great week! Haven't had to dig into my summer activity list too much this week! So we'll see how this week goes! I'll keep ya posted! 

What have you been doing to keep your kids occupied???

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  1. What a great week! We made our own slip and slide out of plastic sheeting. We've gone hiking and had a picnic at the park. Doing things that don't cost money is the goal:)

    1. I hear ya! I'm pretty sure FREE is always more fun! :)

    2. What a fun and exciting week you had! Love the blue toes, by the way.

      When my kids were little we went to the park (with friends) and they were able to swim in the kiddy pool while I supervised and visited with friends. Or they played on the park toys.

      They loved going through sprinklers in the yard. I scheduled play dates for them, but also made sure they had some days at home with no friends over so that *I* could recuperate, lol! Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!