Friday, July 27, 2012

Snapping = Being A Good Husband

My youngest son Isaac has been working on snapping lately! Ever since he realized that our best friend's daughter can snap, he has been determined! She is only one, to make time even more of the essence to him. When he saw her snap, he said, "Mom, I can't even snap and I'm 4 years old!"

Well, now that he has figured it out... I'm not so sure I'm as thrilled about it as he is!

"Why?" you ask???

Example #1 - To ensure I see how well he can snap, he puts his hand directly in my face!

Example #2 - He told me in Target today, "Hey Mom, I hope you know, I will snap at you!" Is that a threat???

Example #3 - He tells everyone to "Just snap out of it!"

Example #4 - Isaac and Hannah were arguing and she says to him, "Isaac, you're not going to make a very good husband!" To which Isaac responds with, "Um, yes I will Hannah! Cause you know why? I know how to snap!"

Hmmm... Should I be worried that my son see's some type of a connection between snapping and being a husband??? Where has he seen this example? Have I done something that makes him think, "My Dad should really snap at my Mom for that!"???

This sounds like the perfect opportunity to blame this on my husband! Right?!! Yeah. Let's go with that!

Here is a little example of the snapping! :)

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