Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Still God

Lord, the God who saves me,
day and night I cry out before you.
May my prayer come before you;
turn your ear to my cry. 

I have no words right now! There is so much turmoil and heartache.... This verse just happened to be my devotions this morning! Coincidence? I think not.

I know that God is still here and in control, but sometimes it's hard to see

This verse was written by David, who went through all sorts of trouble and triumphs in the Bible. And this verse reminds me that it's okay to have feelings... Any and all of them! I can worry, question, be sad and mad and a million other things! And God is still God! Nothing in this world changes who He is! Not a person or a circumstance!


  1. What a blessing it is to know that God never changes.
    He always loves us.
    He's always there for us.
    He never gives up on us.
    If I'm whiney when I'm praying sometimes, He can handle it.
    If I don't know how to act He'll remind me.
    I hope that your heartache is calmed soon and I know that it will be because of your faith :)

  2. thanks i love u and am praying for u and greg

  3. Lifting you up right now to our Heavenly Father.