Monday, September 10, 2012

Meal Plan 09/10 - 09/16

First week of school was a great success in our house! Everyone was excited the first morning. They have all had great attitudes about school work, early bedtimes and even early mornings. So far no tears!! That is quite an accomplishment in our house! We have settled into a great routine! 

Here's our routine:
I wake up 30 minutes before the kids to get myself ready. As much as I love to sleep, I also know I feel better showered & dressed cute. The kids get up, get ready, eat breakfast, they each do one simple chore and off we go. The normal morning chores are to unload dishwasher, takeout trash, clean up breakfast, etc. This really helps us keep up with the house work and lessens what they have to do after school. 
After school we have a routine, too. First, we have snack and a few minutes of chatting about our day. Then homework, chores and a few minutes at home before they play with friends. We make sure that we are prepared for the next day by unpacking book bags, lunch boxes, putting away school clothes and shoes.

Then, at night we have another routine! We get in pjs, brush teeth and hair, set out outfits for the next day, clean up rooms and have reading time. They have an hour to get this done, so the faster they get ready the more time they will have for reading. Again, cleaning their room every night makes it easy to keep up with. 

My number one tip on being organized during the school year would be to get prepared the night before! There is nothing worse than searching for things in the morning or feeling rushed. Take inventory every night of what you will need the next day... Any supplies, PE clothes, planners signed, lunch money? Get it all together at night. Even if they get in bed a few minutes late, it is worth it to not have to rush around in the morning and possibly forget something.

Another exciting accomplishment for this week is that I did some couponing! I got a few free & cheap things at target and Farm Fresh! From Target I got free eggs and ibuprofen. Paid $0.74 for frozen veggies. $0.85 for Up & Up spray cleaner. Up & Up Mayo for $1.89. And pasta for $0.75 each. I was very happy to be 'back in action'! All of this was bought using printable Target coupons on regular priced items!

So far I am making great progress on my Fall Plans! We actually ate all but 1 meal at home this week! And the one night we ordered pizza I was planning on cooking, but my hubby was being nice & insisted so I could relax after our baseball games Saturday morning. How lucky am I??? Now, although I did cook I didn't follow all that I had plans. So a lot of meals are being put back on the list for this week.

How did your first week of school go???

Here's our plans:

Toast, cereal, oatmeal, eggs.

Leftovers, PB&J, lunchmeat sandwiches, baked potatoes.

Grapes, chips, pretzels, fruit snacks, yogurt, cheese sticks, cheeze-its, cookies.


Monday - Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

Tuesday - Chicken Alfredo w/ Homemade Bread

Wednesday - Overnight Chicken in Crockpot w/ Rice & Broccoli
*Church & Baseball Practice*

Thursday - Spaghetti & Homemade Bread

Friday - MY BIRTHDAY!!!
*Baseball Practice*

Saturday - Leftovers

Sunday - Burgers & Hotdogs

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  1. I agree about making sure stuff gets done the night before...We homeschool and even though we don't have to rush out the door in the mornings it's frustrating to wake up to a million chores! Cute pics too! ha! Dilon is almost as tall as you!!..sorry..We've (me!) also been getting back into a cooking dinner routine. I was shocked at how little I cooked this summer. I'm pretty sure I tried to bust open a watermelon one night and call it dinner.