Monday, February 18, 2013

Organization Accomplished

Through this process of moving I have learned a lot about myself. I shared one post about it HERE so far.

Another huge thing that I have learned about myself through this process of moving is that I am a great planner! It is easy for me to think ahead about an event or an activity and think about all the details necessary for execution. I can make a list like no other.... Lists of "To-Do's", supplies, schedules, etc.

A great example of this would planning this move. I have a timeline checklist of things needing to be done & by when. Lists of where things are going in the new house, what can be packed now, what needs to wait til the last week, etc.

So, what's the catch???

I'm not the best "doer"! I have a hard time crossing those things off my detailed lists. I know what I need to do and how should it be done. But actually getting up and doing those things??? Eh... that takes a lot of time and effort.

For example: In order for my new house to be as organized as I want it to be, everything has to have a place. That means I actually have to put those things in those places. As silly as that sounds, it is so difficult.

In our house I think one of the things I say most is, "just put it on the counter." That's where things go that I know where they go, but I don't feel like doing it right away. Then when the kitchen is cleaned, they get shuffled around to another spot and eventually when I need it, I can't remember where it is.

Here are a few tips and tricks of mine to cross those things off your list:
  • Put things into piles when cleaning or organizing and then have the kids put the items in the correct places. Just make sure you're specific about where it goes. Kids have lots of energy and mine would much rather do this than the dishes.
  • Be specific in organization. Don't just have a toy box. Have a separate container for anything that is small and/or there is a lot of... Legos, barbies, trains, puzzles, books, etc. Don't just have a drawer for all important papers. Have a filing system.
  • Make small "To-Do" lists for each day. A list of things that are necessary to get done that day. Mine normally consist of a few chores, errands and things that have deadlines.
  • Make the organization and storage easy for everyone to use. Having a drawer or a container for Barbie accessories is way more likely to be used than a container that has 10 different compartments designated for shoes, purses, brushes, etc. Let's face it... Everyone likes the feeling of being organized, but rarely likely the process it entails. Make it as easy as possible. 

What are some of your tips to getting it done??? 

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  1. I love these! I,too, still tell my family "just put it on the counter" if they don't know where it goes.

    I've been trying to retrain myself to tell them where it is so that they can get it themselves and return it themselves, rather than having ME go get it and return it, lol!

    As for a tip: "Never leave a room empty-handed." Whenever you leave a room, look around you for something that's out of place and return it to where it belongs.

    Of course, if you did that in the next room and the next and your home was really messy one could spend all day returning things, lol!

    But I like to look around me as I go and see if I can take something with me. It just lightens the load and things begin to look neater, one step at a time.

    Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!