Friday, March 15, 2013

20 Natural Morning Sickness Remedies

I have always heard that "every pregnancy is different". And I thought I understood that with my last two pregnancies. But boy has this pregnancy thrown me for a loop!

I have literally had just about every pregnancy symptom known.... Headaches, breaking out, sciatic pain, extreme fatigue, sleepless nights, hyper sensitive sense of smell, dry skin, varicose veins, stuffy nose, lots of braxton hicks contractions, extreme heartburn all the time, sore hips & stomach from stretching, shortness of breathe & dizziness, back pain, forgetfulness, etc.

The weirdest symptom I've had was my hearing sensitivity. Apparently, it's caused from the extra fluid & so to me it kinda mimicked having an ear infection. Noise was painful to my ears. It was quite difficult to deal with in my house as you can imagine with 4 kids all fighting to be heard, but it was also quite comical. There would be times when my kids would all be talking to me and I would just cover my ears, while shushing them. When my husband and I would watch t.v. I would make him turn it all the way down. It was literally on 1. Poor man couldn't even hear it and I thought it was still too loud.   

But by far the worst has been the morning sickness. Which, by the way, should be called all-day sickness, at least in my case! I think I tried just about every single remedy possible! Some worked. Some did not. Some helped a lot. Some I couldn't tell, but did it anyway thinking if I didn't I might feel worse.

 I have made it to my 3rd trimester and am no longer dealing with morning sickness! 
As for the other symptoms, I wish I could say the same!

So, here are some of the things I tried. I thought it could hopefully be helpful to someone!

  1. Accept it - If you're feeling like you're going to throw up, just go do it. There is no sense in delaying the inevitable. Normally, once you do it, you feel better. I promise you'll survive. 
  2. Taking Vitamin B6 - Usual dose is 10-25mg. I took 10mg with every meal. This seemed to help a lot.
  3. Rest - The less movement, the better.
  4. Nausea bracelets - These work by pressing your pressure points. These seemed to help a lot! I wore them nonstop for weeks. I was almost scared to take them off. You can buy these at any drugstore for less than $20.
  5. Sniff lemons or ginger.
  6. Eat lemons - I know it sounds crazy, but the acid helps the digestive system. I've actually grown to like the taste. Sometimes I suck on a lemon wedge after a meal.
  7. Take Digestive Enzymes - Take with each meal. This helps regulate your stomach acid and reduce heartburn. These can be for less than $10 at any vitamin shop.
  8. Sip lemonade.
  9. Sip ginger ale.
  10. Eat watermelon - I don't know why, but it was something I read somewhere. When you're desperate you'll do anything.
  11. Eat bananas or pineapple if it is cause from heartburn. - I don't know why, but these foods help.
  12. Eating salty potato chips - They have been found to help settle the stomach, especially right before or in between meals. 
  13. Eating soda crackers - It is a good idea to eat a few about 10-15 minutes before you ever get out of bed. This helped me a lot!
  14. Taking antacids.
  15. Sucking on hard candy - I liked gummy bears.
  16. Preppy Pop candy - These were good to eat before a meal or when random spells would come on. Buy at Babies R Us for a few dollars.
  17. Drink fruit juice - I would sip on apple juice. 
  18. Avoiding smells that make you sick - For me, this was bacon. Bleh!
  19. Don't feel guilty - It is easy to feel guilty, which can cause depression. It's not your fault. You're not faking it. It's not in your head. You do want to feel this way. You will eventually leave the house again. It is only for a time, not forever. 
  20. Remember the end goal and try not to complain 24/7. Stay positive.

Some pregnancies can be really difficult. Especially when you have other children. But remember that you are experiencing something so special and miraculous. You are growing a human for cryin out loud! And it is for only a time, not the rest of your life, though at times it does seem that way. It really will all be over so soon that one day you'll see another pregnant belly & wish you could do it again.

So while it may not be easy... It is definitely worth it!

What was your most difficult pregnancy symptom??? 


    1. I love what you said for #1 because sometimes we spend more time dreading something and making ourselves miserable with worry than we would if we just had it!

      Well, I didn't like the bleeding or the bed rest much but my babies turned out o.k!

      I think it was the smells. Everything made me throw up. Whenever I shopped at Costco I had to scout out every garbage can there was, because just being around those food carts was enough to make me want to toss my cookies, lol!

      You look absolutely adorable, my friend! Glad you're feeling better from the morning sickness!

      Also, just wanted you to know that the "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party is up and ready for you to link up your posts this week. Thank you for participating last week. I'd love to have you join us again! Can't wait to see what you have to share this week!

    2. Thanks for the invite! I just linked up! Had a few sick kids this week, so I'm a little out of sorts! :)

    3. Well, I hope that everyone is feeling much better now! Thanks so much for linking up to "Making Your Home Sing Monday!"

      1. Just popping back over to say that "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party is live and ready for your posts! :)