Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Goals & March Recap

Here is the recap of my 2013 New Year's Resolutions so far...

  1. Organize and Print all of our pictures - No progress this month.
  2. Plan and stick to a budget - Still going well. We have only used cash and should be completely debt free in 18 months! Woo Hoo
  3. Work out twice a week - This month was not so successful. My shortness of breath got worse & I almost passed out while at the gym. So I only went a few times this past month. But mostly have been doing yoga stretches a couple times a week at home. My shortness of breath was found to be because of low iron, so now that it's under control I am planning on walking.
  4. Schedule monthly date nights and family nights - Well, sadly there have been no designated dates or family nights. But we have all spent a lot of time together during the moving process.
  5. Drink 64 oz. of water a day - While I don't always meet my goal, it has become natural to drink a lot of water. This will be a great habit once baby is born & I'm nursing.
  6. Be in bed before 11pm & shower first thing in the morning - This has become a normal part of my routine again.
  7. Declutter before we move and organize new house - We moved March 30th!! I went through our entire house & purged a ridiculous amount of stuff! I had already organized my house before we moved, so I knew where everything was going when I packed & unpacked. This house is exactly how I wanted it to be.

**Read HERE how I use checklists to break down my goals & make them more attainable!

Here is my March Goals list recap:

  • File papers at the end of the month.
  • Schedule kid’s physical.
  • Take care of gift returns – Ear buds, Shirt, Watch
  • Get college classes set. - I will be resuming classes in the Fall. I want to be able to focus on our new family & not risk lowering my GPA. 
  • Workout twice a week. - Although, I didn't make it to the gym twice a week due to my shortness of breath, I have been doing some prenatal yoga stretches.
  • Freeze one thing a week. - I did make a large batch of homemade biscuits, but that was all for this month.
  • Make one homemade item a week. - I made biscuits, granola, apple oatmeal, a few smoothies & blueberry muffins.
  • Sell things on Craigslist. - I sold a few things before our yard sale. I made about $205!!
  • Make Easter plans & shopping list. - We went to my Mom's for dinner, which was delicious and relaxing.
  • Buy Easter shopping list. - Thankfully, my mother-in-law went shopping for me. I ended up running out of time. It was such a great help!
  • Set up yard sale. - I had one failed attempt, because of rain. But then it worked out perfect! The kids, my Mom and brother & sister were a great help! We got rid of a ton of stuff and made $250!! It was such a relief to get it done!
  • Declutter & pack Greg’s nightstand.
  • Declutter & pack Greg’s dresser.
  • Fill out change of address form.
  • Notify insurance about change of address. - On the list for this week.
  • Defrost freezer. - This was a lot easier than I expected.
  • Register at Babies R Us. - This was a fun experience! A lot has changed since we've had our last baby!
  • Make all household repairs. - These all got done thanks to my husband & Dad. And because of all their work & my Mom's cleaning we are getting our FULL deposit back!
  • Clean up yard. 
  • Declutter garage. - This was easier than I thought. Every day that the weather wasn't frigid the kids came out & helped. Breaking it up into small sections made it more manageable.
  • Complete March Declutter calendar. 

**Now that my house is in order, which by the way feels amazing, I can focus on getting prepared for baby. So I have made 2 goal lists for this month. One is specifically a baby checklist. I'll post that later this week.

April Goals:

  • Schedule kid's physicals - I will get this done!
  • Returns - shirt, ear buds, watch, shirt, Target stuff
  • Clear off the Flip Camera
  • Write new cleaning schedule for our new house
  • HSA approvals for 2012
  • Clean out van & mat all weather mats
  • File papers from the month
  • Create filing system.
  • Clean up yard - pull weeds, trim bushes, plant 
  • Set up trampoline.
  • Set up swing set.
  • Stock house for baby - freezer meals, pantry items, paper products, cleaning products, baby necessities

Remember, it is hard to accomplish what you want if you are not clear on how to get there. How can you break down your goals???

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